The goal of UCLA New Student & Transition Programs is to ensure that all new UCLA students and their families begin their journeys at UCLA with a comprehensive, positive introduction to Bruin life. The first step begins during New Student Sessions, where New Student Advisors provide an introduction to UCLA and its world-renowned academic programs, extensive services, and rich traditions.


As one of the units that comprises the Division of Undergraduate Education, New Student & Transition Programs is designed to serve the educational planning, academic advising, and adjustment needs of all entering UCLA undergraduates. Our mission is to provide a well-rounded onboarding experience that supports UCLA students and their families as the new students begin their undergraduate education.


The work of New Student & Transition Programs is guided by three broad goals:

  1. Enrich the quality of the undergraduate academic experience
  2. Assist students in discovering personally meaningful pathways to timely degree completion
  3. Prepare students to develop intellectually, professionally, and personally to make the most of their undergraduate experience; provide families with the tools to be a strong foundation for their students

These goals are manifested by:

  • Helping students clarify their intellectual curiosities and identify curricular and co-curricular pathways to their interests and goals
  • Providing an understanding of the nature of the undergraduate degree and how it is reflected in general education, major, and minor course offerings
  • Guiding students as they explore desires for intellectual growth, personal development, graduate and professional school preparation, and careers
  • Supporting students in discovering meaningful ways to enrich their academic experience
  • Cultivating an appreciation of the diversity around them at UCLA and in their local and global communities
  • Encouraging engagement in research, volunteering, and student groups to promote student success and enrichment
  • Advising students on the courses and opportunities to begin their UCLA careers successfully
  • Promoting student success by providing family members with an introduction into the academic programs and services so that they can elevate their support