Ready to jumpstart your experience as a new Bruin? Join us at the New Bruin Leadership Academy, where every new Bruin is a leader in the making!

The New Bruin Leadership Academy is FREE to participate in! If you’re interested in participating in the New Bruin Leadership Academy please complete an application via MyUCLA form for First Years by June 9. Interested Transfer students will complete the MyUCLA Form for Transfers by June 20. The anticipated weekend dates are First-Year weekend from 8/23 – 8/25 and Transfer weekend from 9/6 – 9/8.

The New Bruin Leadership Academy (NBLA) is designed for new Bruins like you. Set against the backdrop of the scenic UCLA South Bay campus, NBLA offers a transformative journey into the world of leadership, tailored for incoming UCLA students eager to make a mark from the get-go.

What Awaits You at the Academy:

  • Cohort-Based Learning: Dive into an enriching environment with small groups within a total of 50 undergraduate peers, fostering close connections and collaborative learning.
  • Diverse Leadership Insights: Engage with a spectrum of leaders including UCLA’s esteemed staff, faculty, successful alumni, and influential community figures, gaining a 360-degree view of leadership in action.
  • Hands-On Learning: Through workshops, seminars, and real-world case studies, you’ll practice essential leadership skills, from strategic thinking to effective communication.
  • Personal Growth: Center your unique story and vision in discussions and activities, crafting a personal leadership style that resonates with your values and aspirations.

Why this is a Must for New Bruins:

  • Early Network Building: Connect with peers, mentors, and leaders even before your first quarter begins, establishing a supportive network that lasts throughout your UCLA journey.
  • Empowerment: Facilitated by UCLA Student Affairs, you’ll navigate your college experience with confidence, creativity, and resilience, ready to inspire change.
  • Comprehensive Leadership Development: Explore different leadership styles, enhance your problem-solving skills, and prepare for meaningful dialogues on complex issues.

Special Highlights:

  • Engagement with Key Leaders: Gain unique perspectives with sessions featuring senior UCLA leaders, enriching your understanding of university leadership.
  • Tailored to New Bruins: Specifically designed for incoming students, the academy is your early window into the dynamic world of UCLA, offering a head start on your college and leadership journey.

Program Details:

  • Connected to Orientation: The program will begin just as your orientation session ends, providing participants with a convenient schedule
  • All-Inclusive Experience: With transportation (departing from UCLA and returning to UCLA), meals, and accommodations provided, you can focus entirely on your development journey at no cost.
  • Eligibility and Commitment: Open to all incoming UCLA first-year and transfer students. Participants must be available for the entire selected weekend (Friday evening through Sunday evening) to ensure a cohesive and uninterrupted experience.