The goal of UCLA’s New Student & Transition Programs is to ensure that all new UCLA students and their families begin their journeys at UCLA with a comprehensive, positive introduction to Bruin life. The first step begins at orientation, where New Student Advisors provide an introduction to UCLA and its world-renowned academic programs, extensive services, and rich traditions.

As one of the units that comprises the Division of Undergraduate Education, New Student & Transition Programs is designed to serve the educational planning, academic advising, matriculation, and adjustment needs of all entering UCLA undergraduates.

Program Goals
Orientation is an educational planning process designed to promote students’:

I. Academic achievement,
II. Persistence to graduation, and
III. Intellectual and personal development. 

Program Objectives

  • To help students clarify their intellectual curiosities and identify courses of study and other University opportunities which address their interests.
  • To facilitate students’ understanding of the University in terms of its mission, value, and intent regarding undergraduate education.
  • To acquaint entering students with relevant resources, opportunities, policies and procedures.
  • To provide a contextual understanding of the nature of a liberal arts education, how it is reflected in General Education course offerings, and how desires for intellectual growth, personal development, graduate and professional school preparation, and career entry are accommodated therein.
  • To increase students’ awareness towards UCLA’s values concerning intellectual and personal diversity.
  • To assist students in formulating academic and personal goals for their first year at the University and in planning for their adjustment to the college experience.
  • To help each student establish a Fall Quarter class schedule based upon 1) an assessment of preparation, skills and background knowledge; 2) intellectual interests and curiosities; 3) desired outcomes of their college experience; 4) an understanding of academic policies and graduation requirements; and 5) personal commitments and responsibilities.
  • To teach a course selection process which can be used throughout the undergraduate experience.
  • To facilitate the formation of friendships among entering students and help them identify means of meeting continuing students.
  • To encourage students to approach their college experience in a balanced manner emphasizing academic achievement, personal development, and involvement in programs and opportunities available at the University.
  • To increase student awareness and stimulate their timely use of support services and resources.
  • To inform students about University expectations and goals for undergraduate education.
  • To acquaint students with the importance of personal involvement and quality of effort and their relationship to academic achievement and persistence.
  • To ease student transition throughout their first year at UCLA.
  • To assist students in preparing for their second year at UCLA and beyond.