The College Summer Institute is primarily designed as a residential program. When you sign up for CSI, you are automatically enrolled into New Student Orientation session 105 and in to housing for the duration of the program. NSAP will arrange for your housing during the program. Do not fill out a separate application or housing contract for summer term.

Students who are local to UCLA can choose to opt out of housing and instead commute to campus and still have access to social programming and tutoring.

Housing Costs are found on the “Costs” page.

The building designated for CSI residents is Sproul Landing and will be triple occupancy. Sproul Landing is deluxe residence hall and restrooms are cleaned on a daily basis. All UCLA residence halls are co-ed, but each room will be gender-specific.

Move-in will be July 31, starting at 8:00 am and move-out will be September 16, 10:00 am.

Special Considerations for Housing

We plan rooms and roommates based on gender identity as selected on MyUCLA. If your gender identity is different than your gender on record and you would like a room in the residence halls based on your gender identity, please contact our office.

If you have a permanent or temporary disability, or a need which may require advance arrangements, please contact our office.

Staying After CSI – “Stay-through”

CSI students who wish to stay in on-campus housing after CSI has concluded and before campus move-in begins may do so for an additional fee. This allows a student to remain on campus until official campus move-in begins for Fall. They will be able to stay in their CSI room until their academic room becomes available. The cost is $280 for the 4 days before move-in, including meals.

When you sign up for CSI, you will have the option of choosing to add the Stay-through option. The deadline for signing up for (or removing) “stay-through” is Friday, August 25th. Any changes after this time will result in a $50 late change fee.